The healthy prostate.

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The Healthy Prostate.

Prevent and cure Prostate cancer, BPH and Prostatitis with Natural Herbs

by Robert Dumas

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Prostate problems are a common condition that most men experience at some point in their lives. The most common prostate disease problems are Prostatitis and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). If these diseases are not properly diagnosed and treated, they can eventually lead to the development of prostate cancer. There are conventional and unconventional treatments for the treatment of prostate diseases, but it is possible to prevent and treat these diseases and achieve good results with alternative treatments based on medicinal herbs. By combining medicinal herbs and a diet with vegetables that contain phytochemical compounds with specific nutraceutical properties, it is possible to prevent, reverse and cure all prostate diseases.

This book will give you valuable information about the anatomy, physiology and diseases of the prostate. It will also give you an overview of ways to diagnose, prevent, and treat prostate disease using conventional treatments and herbal medicines as alternative treatments.

In this book you will find information about different medicinal herbs and you will get some medicinal herbal formulas that are used to prevent and treat each prostate disease with excellent results. You will also find foods with nutraceutical properties that should be included in your diet to get a comprehensive solution to your prostate problem. The men who performed the treatments and diets recommended in this book found a good solution to their prostate health problem. All men, especially those aged 30 and older, should read and consider this book as a master text. This is the book that every man should read. The men who follow the treatments and diet suggested in this book never had prostate cancer.

If you have prostate cancer or any other prostate disease, and you are under medical treatment, if you wish, you can continue with your conventional medical treatment, but also follow the treatment and diets recommended in this book, because they will not interfere with the treatment recommended by your doctor.

By following a treatment with medicinal herbs, but also a correct and healthy diet, you can enjoy a much longer life expectancy and quality of life –with less undesirable effects– that if you follow a conventional medical treatment.

Don't forget: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

A happy story

Alexander a 60 years old man that got prostate cancer and self-treated him with the medicinal herbs recommended in “The Healthy Prostate” wanted to share with us his experience.

“After my PSA test raised a lot, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. My doctor wanted to perform a biopsy. That surgery afraid me a lot. So, I tried to found natural solutions on Internet. When I was looking for some medicinal herbs I found The Healthy Prostate book. I bough it and I stated taking the recommended medicinal herbs treatments for prostate cancer.”

“The medicinal herbs that I found in The Healthy Prostate book saved my life. After about six months taking the recommended medicinal herbs and the recommended nutritional supplements and the diet, my prostate cancer was reversed totally. The result of the PSA test go back to normal values.”

“After my prostate cancer gone, I continued perfoming the recommended medicinal herbs treatments and the prostate cancer never go back.”